The Pod Delusion

Dodgy LibDem Bar Charts And Some Surprisingly Good News About Climate Change

November 14, 2019

This week we finally go all Jeremy Paxman on the Liberal Democrats and their questionable use of bar charts by holding Mark Pack, who is running for the party's Presidency, to account. We also had a lovely chat with him about the challenges of digital campaigning. Plus! A new report reveals where are the best and worst places in the world to be non-religious, and we speak to Dr Rebecca Ford, who works on smart energy systems about how (amazingly) we're actually making pretty good progress at decarbonising the grid. PLUS! A major new twist in the insane BBC Breakfast Cenotaph conspiracy theory. We're so, so sorry.

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Mark Pack is running for LibDem President.

Bob Churchill from Humanists International was talking about The Freedom of Thought Report.

Dr Rebecca Ford is part of EnergyREV. Here's one of the incredibly interesting papers she co-authored.

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