The Pod Delusion

The Oldest Material On Earth

January 16, 2020

This week we talk to the scientist who discovered the oldest known material on Earth which, at between 5 and 7 BILLION years old, is even older than the Earth itself. Plus! CLASSIC VLAD: We dig into what Putin's latest no-doubt nefarious scheme, and discover how the European Court of Justice might get one last laugh before Brexit, by giving us a telling off over bulk internet surveillance.

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Dr Samuel Greene was our Russia expert. His book is Putin vs The People.

Prof Philipp Heck is the cosmochemist who found the oldest material on Earth. Here's the paper on it.

Jim Killock is the executive director of the Open Rights Group. You should support it and join as it is doing excellent work.

Here is a picture of a guinea pig using a tiny laptop.

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