The Pod Delusion

Undercover Inside The Far-Right

January 24, 2020

We speak to a Hope Not Hate activist who infiltrated a far-right group... and then in a slightly more uplifting segment, we speak to a software engineer who has developed an incredible algorithm that can colourise old black & white photos, with incredible results!

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Ben van der Merwe is the journalist who went undercover. You can read a full account of his surveilling the far-right here.

Jason Antic is the genius behind DeOldify. Take a look at the hashtag, and check out the New York streetscape we discuss on the show here. Best of all, you can upload your own old black & white images here.

Here is my piece for Politico. Look at the widget at the bottom of the piece where you can type in the name of any Twitter account and see how many MPs follow it.