The Pod Delusion

Why did Britain end up a democracy? And could it all fall apart? Plus: Branches of Currys that still use the old logo.

September 26, 2019

This week we do some hardcore political science, but don't be scared - it explains whether Britain can survive the current shitshow or not. Also! Whether a four day week could actually work, why normal people think about politics way differently to us nerds, and all about what will become your new obsession: Spotting shops with out of date signage.

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We speak to James A Robinson, author of Why Nations Fail about his new book The Narrow Corridor, which is available now.

Aidan Harper from the New Economics Foundation tells us how we can have a 4 day week.

Chris Curtis from YouGov tells us about this intriguing research into how voters think about policy.

And Joseph Begley tells us all about LogoPops!

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